What a PERSONA is

What is a persona?

Firstly, personas are representation of a particular audience segment for a design work you are designing, which based on quantitative and qualitative research. But persona is not the same as an archetype or a person. For example, people buy cars,different people have different purpose and ultimately the needs of the models are also very different. So for the designer, the persona as a tool, help they determine who is the target population, and for  whom to design.In a word, persona gives designer a great start in understanding about who you are designing for. They are an important input into many other UX(user experience) and project activities and can be referred back to at any stage in a project to make sure everyone keeps focus on the user.



Making a good persona depends on budget ,type of project and the type of data you are able to collet.

Why personas might be useful to a design team?

Firstly, personas can help designers understand who will actually be using designers’ work(website/products/service). They can also help designers make key design and functionality decisions during the UX process. Secondly, personas can communicate what the user experience. Finally, personas can help you create realistic user journeys.


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